Sunday, 14 March 2010

Form A Skiffle Band

White boys and banjos and Scouse accents.

It's the magical combination to success with women....

...No matter where they live!

Believe me, skiffle isn't simply a phenomenon of post-war British life.

And despite what some people might have you think, it ain't only a minor form of African-American roots music that originated around the turn of the century.

No. It's a WAY OF LIFE.

Or, rather a WAY TO THE GOOD LIFE.

Just imagine what will happen when you walk down the street playing "Rock Island Line" on your homemade cigar-box fiddle.

Or better yet, when you have a whole bunch of friends with you, jamming away on their kazoos and washboards, whooping and a-hollering, heading off to a gig at your local coffee house?

Magic, baby, magic!

Like something that happened in the racier Ealing musicals.

And if some clueless nay-sayer ever scratches their head and asks you just what the heck you're doing, give him one of your patented hipster smiles.

Look, kid, it's a goyische version of a klezmer band.

Now time to head off to the Cavern Club.... and let's get cracking!

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